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Signature Travel Network is ready to offer travel advisors the opportunity to participate in impactful educational trips with its new and exclusive Signature Educational Journeys (SEJ). The journeys are created to deepen an advisor’s understanding of destinations and services while promoting responsible travel practices.

“The Signature Educational Journeys program aims to provide advisors with unparalleled opportunities to explore destinations under the expert care of Signature Destination Specialists,” said Heidi Podjavorsek, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Land & Specialty Supplier Partnerships at Signature Travel Network, in a press statement. “The program boasts itineraries spanning all six continents, meticulously crafted to include a wealth of extraordinary experiences and a selection of top-tier Signature hotels. We are fortunate to have such amazing global partners who invest in our advisors and know that our network can drive the right returns.”

Signature Takes You Behind-the-Scenes

By participating in these trips, you can gain valuable knowledge to better promote Signature’s socially conscious travel partners. The journeys offer immersive experiences focused on wildlife conservation, cultural preservation and ethical travel practices through behind-the-scenes looks.

One notable example offered by Signature Travel Network is the SEJ trip to Nepal, where a portion of the price is donated to the ‘Bicycle for Girl’ project. This initiative, run by Dharma Adventures, provides bicycles to girls from marginalized families in villages near Chitwan National Park. By using these bicycles, the girls can save up to two hours on their daily commute to school. This addresses the challenges that often result in girls being withdrawn or dropping out of school at a young age.

A member-owned travel coop located in El Segundo, California, with a regional office in New York, Signature Travel Network has been open since 1956 and currently includes 281 member agencies with over 600 retail locations worldwide.

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