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You can now book clients wanting to experience the incredible tourist attractions they saw on their TVs during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar now that the Visa on Arrival policies have been reinstated.

Travelers from more than 95 nationalities can enjoy the reinstated policy that makes them eligible for a free, 30-day Visa on Arrival—including the United States. Valid passport holders can enjoy the art and culture scene thriving in Qatar, its incredible gastronomy and extraordinary hotels, not to mention the breathtaking architecture, both traditional and modern, in Doha and its surroundings. Shopping? The best, from the iconic ultra-luxe brands like Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel and Marc Jacobs to the Souq Waqif and its mud-daubed walls. Indoor activities? They have galleries, showrooms and museums galore. Outdoor adventure? Your clients will have their adrenaline pumping in the most jaw-dropping landscapes in the world. Romantic getaways? Take your pick from luxury hotels in the heart of the city, beach villas over pristine water with private pools or five-star luxury glamping under the stars in the desert.

“Looking back at the end of a truly remarkable month of celebrations, we are so proud to have hosted some of the year’s most memorable moments. We are confident that Qatar’s iconic attractions, warmth and openness, and infectious enthusiasm will continue to draw in visitors and residents toward the end of the year and into the next,” said Haya Al-Noami, Head of the Promotions Sector at Qatar Tourism, in a press statement.

Selling Qatar

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