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Ultra-luxe cruise line, Oceania Cruises, has announced its second Allura Class ship will be ready for travelers in 2025. The sister ship to its new Vista, which will sail on its maiden voyage this summer, it will have the capacity for 1,200 guests to take them on new adventures to off-the-beaten-path destinations.

“At Oceania Cruises, we are always looking for ways to evolve, elevate and modernize our offerings to continuously surprise and delight our discerning guests as they enjoy immersive new experiences,” said Frank A. Del Rio, president of Oceania Cruises, in a press statement. “We are thrilled with the incredible demand we have witnessed for Allura’s sister ship, Vista, with her 2023 maiden season already sold out, and we know Allura will be equally as popular with our guests. The arrival of any new ship is the ideal time to look closely at what we offer travelers. As we prepare to welcome Allura to the family, we have already started planning exciting new elements to be added across the fleet.”

A Closer Look at the Latest from Oceania Cruises

The line prides itself on being “culinary- and destination-focused,” and Allura stands by this with a series of new eateries, among them Ember and Aquamar Kitchen, also aboard Vista. New on the Allura is a Chef’s Studio and the largest standard staterooms in the industry. With only 1,200 guests and 800 crew and officers, the staff-to-guest ratio will add to its status as an industry leader. Details on Allura’s inaugural season are still under wraps and are expected to be announced this spring with sale starting in the summer.

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