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Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP) has announced the latest findings from its State of Travel Insurance research survey, which is being conducted over the span of several months to measure future expectations of travel insurance purchasing, as well as traveler habits and perceptions. With four surveys conducted so far this summer, results are showing major contrasts between how men and women view the risks of traveling—pandemic-related and otherwise.

Stark differences in travel behaviors directly related to the pandemic show that women are much more likely than men to take precautions recommended by the CDC as they travel. While close to 60 percent of women said they would wash their hands or use hand sanitizer more, as well as wear a mask or other protective gear, only 39 percent of men said they would do the same.

On the whole, the survey found men are more than twice as likely than women (48 percent men vs. 20 percent women) to say they like to take risks when they travel. But interestingly, men were much more likely than women to say they would let news reports of disease outbreaks and violence in their chosen destination affect their plans to go there.

Women reported buying significantly less travel insurance than men in 2020 and are saying they will be less active than men in the 2021 travel insurance market. When looking at respondents who said they bought travel insurance in 2020, 38 percent of women say they made their purchase because of fears of disease epidemics, compared to just 24 percent of men. The top reason women gave for buying travel insurance was to cover flight delays and cancellations, while men’s top reason was because travel insurance saves time and money.

BHTP’s State of Travel Insurance research has been conducted each year since 2015 using independent national panels surveying consumers on future expectations in travel insurance and travel habits. This year, the study is being conducted in stages over several months to track how the COVID-19 pandemic changes traveler attitudes over time. The survey provides insights on not only travel insurance purchase trends, but also travel behaviors amongst the COVID-19 pandemic and 2021 travel expectations.

The State of Travel Insurance survey is conducted by Polymath Research + Marketing. For more information, visit

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