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Overseas Leisure Group, a luxury travel operator in 34 countries, has released its survey results that shows that travelers are already planning next vacation, and that there’s pent-up demand for hotels and resorts to open their doors in time for the summer vacation season.

The nationwide survey by the Miami-based travel group was conducted among 2,000 travel enthusiasts in the U.S. between April 20 and April 22, revealing a series of positive trends in tourism for the immediate future and remainder of the year. Despite the current Coronavirus pandemic, the survey shows 72 percent of Americans are already making plans for their next vacation and 35 percent of travelers would consider a vacation as early as this summer. Key findings from the survey indicate an optimism towards a resurgence within the travel and tourism industry, valued at $580 billion last year according to Statista. Other notable results from the nationwide study include:

  • 82% of the country considers the travel market to be on pause rather than permanently transformed.
  • 42% of people are ready to make a reservation now if it was risk free (no deposit / cancellation fee).
  • 45% of those surveyed would plan to travel outside of the United States.
  • 78% of travelers would journey by air for their next vacation.
  • 26% of vacationers would opt for staying at a trendy beach resort as their next destination.

“Our nationwide survey offers some excellent insight into which direction we can expect to see the travel market head following the current wave of Coronavirus,” said Felix Brambilla, CEO of Overseas Leisure Group, in a press release statement. “After more than six weeks of confinement, dreams of resuming our adventures are increasingly front-of-mind. We are seeing a higher-than-usual interest in more secluded staycations, away from the crowds, and domestic destinations where regulations are less likely to be an obstacle.”

Other survey findings include that 71% of those surveyed are “dreaming of the time when they’ll travel again”; and 48% of those surveyed will travel for leisure in the next 12 months “as much as they used to.”

“We are in unprecedented times, never before has the industry or world seen business disruption on this level and it is truly the voice and action of the customers that will guide us and lift us back up,” said Scott Geraghty, COO of Faena Hotels Group, in a press release statement. “At Faena, we are optimistic about the future given the destination we are in and our unique offerings—an escapist beach experience which is easily accessible. We are delighted to see the results of the survey echo our belief.”

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