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GOGO Vacations has noted a double-digit increase in year-over-year group business in 2018, so they are putting the emphasis on this segment to drive revenue for travel advisors.

One of the greatest takeaways for agents is that a “group” can be as little as five rooms, not the standard 10 that typically define such a booking. From destination weddings to milestone birthday events, anniversary trips and more, GOGO Vacations has added the following to its GOGroups arsenal for travel agents.

Group Technology powered by Softrip: GOGO Vacations has partnered with Softrip to take group technology booking to the next level. With online quoting, invoicing, payment and other trip management options, it streamlines the process making it fast, accurate and profitable. Travel agents now have 24-hour access to their groups. The new GOGroups Softrip technology allows the travel agent to book passengers into their group, book individual air, upgraded transfers, access individual invoices and documents, apply payments and add travel agent service fees.

GOGroups Select: Your Group, Your Choice: With the unveiling of this new initiative there is increased flexibility in booking clients traveling in groups of five rooms or more. The fact that the room count is half the “typical” requirement for a group booking, with all of the benefits, is a first for the long-time wholesaler. Travel agents can now book groups online 24/7, there is no need to wait to speak to someone or complete bookings in typical business hours. Agents have the added value of group benefits and concessions without signing a group contract, which is a major plus and time-saver. Any of GOGO’s contracted rates, promotions and offers can be applied to the group booking. As an added bonus, My Time perks and amenities are applicable to the group bookings at all participating resorts. Commissionable coverage options are, of course, available for all group transactions.

New Upgraded Travel Wallets & Luggage Tags: Travel advisors will make all of their clients feel like VIPs and get them excited about the trip from the moment their documents arrive. GOGO Vacations has unveiled new, sleek black travel wallets, the perfect size for passports and necessary travel documents, and luggage tags.

“It’s not just about volume of bookings, it’s about efficiency and streamlining the process,” said GOGO Vacations’ president John Van den Heuvel in press material. “Group travel is lucrative for travel agents and we want to be sure we supply them with the best possible strategies and tools to maximize productivity and accuracy, freeing up time to help additional clients. We believe we’re equipping agents with what they need to be most successful in the group travel arena.”

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