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Beloved religious sites, archaeologic treasures, natural wonders, Israel has all this and more and is waiting to be discovered during an eight-day Sunnyland Tours FAM. The beauty of modern-day Israel will be highlighted while following the footsteps of its past. Qualified travel advisors will tour Jerusalem, experience a Kibbutz, and explore Tel Aviv.

The FAM includes tours led by expert guides, transportation, and accommodations. Two nights will be spent in Tel Aviv, two nights in Galilee, and three nights in Jerusalem. Breakfasts and most dinners are included. Guided tours will be held in Nazareth, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Galilee, Haifa, and Caesarea. Entrance fees, round trip airport transfers, luggage handling and service charges, and liability insurance are also included. The fee is $1399, and it starts in Jerusalem and leaves every Monday.

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