Amidst continuing questions about how travelers and travel advisors can book a vacation to Cuba in 2020, CUBA CANDELA, which creates tailor-made tours of Cuba, providing a full suite of services including travel documents, luxury accommodations and unique experiences, has released a step-by-step guide for those clients interested in visiting the island nation.

“We are getting questions every day from confused travelers wanting to understand and adhere to the travel rules,” said CUBA CANDELA’s founder and CEO Chad Olin in a press release statement. Seeking to educate the public and ease the minds of perplexed travelers and travel advisors, CUBA CANDELA has created a travel guide explaining how any American can visit Cuba using the “Support for the Cuban People” travel category, one of 12 authorized categories of travel to Cuba—now the most common.

“Any American traveler can visit Cuba in 2020, fly directly to Havana from eight different U.S. cities and have a remarkable experience that is legally compliant, culturally enriching and socially conscious,” said Olin in a press release statement. “We encourage all Americans to travel to Cuba in 2020, and for those with questions about how to do so legally, I hope our guide helps to clarify the rules on how to travel using the ‘Support for the Cuban People’ travel category.”

Here’s the step-by-step guide: “Support for the Cuban People” travel category explained in 3 easy steps. For more information on CUBA CANDELA, visit For more Caribbean news, click here.