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Avoya Travel reveals that in a recent Avoya Network survey 95 percent of independent agency owners feel Avoya’s exclusive resources save them time and help to run their businesses more efficiently. The results are another proof point of the momentum behind Avoya’s 2025 growth plan, and have inspired a new marketing campaign titled “More Time” to position the Avoya Network as the best choice for entrepreneurs who want more control of their time and income potential.

Since launching Phase One of Avoya 2025 in June 2018, a top focus has been technology innovations and initiatives that better streamline efficiencies for independent agencies in the Avoya Network so that they can spend more time booking travel and earning above industry-average incomes. According to Avoya’s survey, independent agencies overwhelmingly validate that they do have more flexibility and are saving time as a result of Avoya’s technologies and resources.

Inspired by the survey results, Avoya is launching its “More Time” marketing campaign to showcase why joining the Avoya Network is the best choice for entrepreneurs who crave flexibility and freedom with their work-life balance. The campaign brings Avoya’s value proposition to life and connects with prospective independent agency owners on a more personal level through imagery and content that highlight what matters most in their personal lives. This campaign ushers in the next evolution of the Avoya Network’s brand messaging, which was implemented in early 2019 as part of the company’s Avoya 2025 strategy.

The “More Time” campaign features relevant examples of how travel professionals spend their time and what they view are the most valued Avoya technology and resource solutions. A key takeaway from the survey was what independent agencies have more time as a result of improved workflow. Growing their travel businesses, spending time with family and friends, and doing more personal travel and vacations were the top three activities survey respondents cited. The survey results were compatible across all experience levels, indicating that regardless of tenure in the travel industry independent agencies in the Avoya Network are empowered to invest time back into their business while also having more flexibility for their personal commitments and interests.

“At Avoya Travel we understand the amount of time and sacrifice that goes into building a successful independent business, which is why we’ve had a long-standing commitment to provide travel professionals leading resources and technologies that enable efficiency and promote success,” said Jeff Anderson, co-president of Avoya Travel in press materials. “The sentiments shared from Avoya Network members in our survey validate the innovative work Avoya is doing to provide the best resources and offer the ideal option for travel entrepreneurs, regardless of experience level, who want to grow their business.”

In the survey Avoya’s award-winning Agent Power and technology, Avoya Live Leads and Avoya Support were the top three resources named that saved independent agencies the most time. Nearly 80 percent claimed Agent Power is the most valuable resource for running their independent agency efficiently. Participants also agreed competitive professional development offerings like Avoya Mastermind, promotions and group space were other valuable offerings Avoya provides to their business.

Some of the most-liked Agent Power features revealed in the survey included Avoya’s fully integrated booking engine, very unique Vendor Resources directory, Avoya Smart Value System, promotions support, plus accounting and commission tracking. Avoya has invested greatly in technology and system enhancements within Agent Power as part of the Avoya 2025 initiative that is specifically designed to improve workflow and save independent agencies time.

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