“Travel Advisors are discovering or in some cases rediscovering Ranch Vacations and we are here to help,” says Gene Kilgore, an authority on Ranch Vacations, in a press statement.

With the unprecedented demand for wide open spaces and nature, and with cruises still on hold, travel advisors are beginning to learn about what Kilgore calls “the amazing experiences and wholesome goodness” of Ranch Vacations here in the US, Canada, Mexico and South America.

Now there is a new Internet site designed especially for travel professionals who are interested in selling ranch travel to their clients. Many clients these days are looking for and discovering a new way to escape big city life and reconnect with themselves and nature.

While Dude and Guest Ranch Vacations have been around for many years, some travel advisors have not been actively selling them until the recent surge in demand this year. To help these dedicated professionals book and sell these vacations, Kilgore has created and launched the dedicated website ranchvacations.com with a Travel Advisor Center at ranchvacations.com/travel-advisor-center, and navigation bar links to a concierge service for live assistance, and to a pop-up request form to check for available space.

ranch vacations
Aerial view of Vista Verde. (Photo courtesy of RanchVacations.com.)

The website will assist the travel advisor who is fielding requests for Ranch Vacations from families, reunions, couple, single travelers, corporate groups and even wedding planners.

“We believe the pent-up demand for wide open spaces and nature will bring a new resurgence in interest for Ranch Vacations. We want to be the ‘go to’ site for travel advisors who want the very best information and help to book these beautiful ranches for their clients,” says Kilgore who is an ASTA member.

Kilgore adds, “Our Ranch Vacations website reconnects travelers with unparalleled natural beauty, hospitality and a goodness that weary city folks are craving. The pandemic has only heightened this demand and for years to come ranches will offer this magnificent way of life for all to enjoy.“

“Gene is one of the most knowledgeable industry professionals I know in the ranch vacation market. I have such respect for him and his commitment to educate and support the travel agency community,” says Mickey Weill, v.p., Global Travel Collection, in a press statement.

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