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SouthWest Germany caters to a variety of travel styles, and now you can learn all about the various things to do through the Going Cuckoo specialist training program. This program will teach travel advisors about luxury, culinary, and wellness experiences for their clients.

As an Associate Member of the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), the State Tourist Board of Baden-Wurttemberg, also known as SouthWest Germany, began the specialist program to spread awareness and education about the region.

“USTOA is thrilled to partner with SouthWest Germany to promote their new Going Cuckoo specialist training,” said Terry Dale, president & CEO of USTOA, in a press statement. “USTOA is dedicated to providing tools and resources for our valued travel advisor partners, and this training is a great opportunity to learn about an up-and-coming region that’s sure to explode as travel to Europe resumes.”

southwest germany
Views of Baden-Baden Wine region. (Photo courtesy of TMBW, Mende.)

SouthWest Germany is renowned for its Black Forest and Black Forest Highlands, where picturesque farms, villages, and vineyards dot the wide-open valleys and mountains. Lakes and vineyards can be passed by bike, hike, or car. On the border of the Black Forest sits Baden-Baden, a spa town with traditional 19th century bathes. The region’s capital city of Stuttgart is home to wineries, artists, and attracts car-lovers for its world-renowned Porsche and Mercedes-Benz Museums.

The complimentary Going Cuckoo specialist program is an engaging and interactive way for travel advisors to learn more about the region. The entire lesson plan is curated with videos, games, and quizzes. Travel advisors will learn what to pack, when to go, where to stay, and what to do while visiting the region.

After completing the Going Cuckoo travel advisor specialist training, participants will become a go-to agent for SouthWest Germany vacations.

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