Avoya Travel Aims to Support Independent Agencies

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Avoya Travel launches initiatives to support independent agencies.

Avoya Travel aims at supporting independent agencies with a series of initiatives aimed at adding additional support and educational opportunities for the independent agencies in the Avoya Travel Network, as well as expanding the size of the Avoya Network.

These initiatives include the creation of a Brand Sales Department, an Independent Agency Advocacy Board, the development of a new Avoya Mastermind Immersion Academy, and the re-engagement of a campaign to encourage new-to-travel entrepreneurs to affiliate their independent businesses with Avoya.

In July of 2021, Avoya created its new Brand Sales Department which focuses on helping Independent Agencies increase their sales at a supplier-specific level through sales coaching, small-group collaboration, and offering other strategic insights aimed at supporting agencies on an individual supplier partner basis. Optional use of this new resource also includes the opportunity to attend monthly small-group calls that will highlight strategies for closing more sales as well as the option to schedule one-on-one calls with the Brand Sales team. Other educational and professional development resources are frequently offered and address a range of topics from suggested best practices to overcoming specific challenges in selling the product. Each member of the Brand Sales Department previously operated a successful Independent Agency in the Avoya Network prior to joining Avoya’s support team.

Avoya also recently reinstated the Independent Agency Advocacy Board with the purpose of fostering an environment for Independent Agencies and Avoya Executives to interact and collaborate on a mutually beneficial basis by sharing insights and perspectives on various Avoya initiatives. Independent Agencies that are given the option to serve on the Advocacy Board act as a liaison between Avoya and the Avoya Network at large by providing feedback on additional ways Avoya can continue to provide elevated support and services and also share information provided by Avoya with other Network members. Independent Agencies selected for the Advocacy Board represent a cross-section of the Avoya Network with varying levels of experience and sales volume; each volunteer member serves for one year.

After hosting dozens of highly successful Avoya Mastermind Success Academies over the past several years, Avoya has begun developing a new concept to expand on its optional professional and personal development offerings called Avoya Mastermind Immersion Academies. The new events will combine education and knowledge with experience and confidence, which ultimately will help lead to more sales. These events will feature a segment specifically aimed at educational and learning opportunities, a segment with an experiential focus, and a third segment that will focus on practicing and retaining the knowledge gained through the first two segments. Additional components of the events may be added in the future and Avoya will be announcing the first scheduled event dates later this year.

“Avoya Travel has a long history of providing unmatched services and optional resources to the Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network. Our latest series of initiatives is another example of Avoya continuing to innovate and focus on supporting the Avoya Network in new and creative ways,” said Steve Hirshan, senior v.p. of sales at Avoya Travel. “The feedback we’ve received from the Independent Agency Advocacy Board has been invaluable and as travel begins to recover worldwide, we’re confident that our Brand Sales Department and Avoya Mastermind Immersion Academies will continue to provide the Avoya Network with a competitive edge that helps them to further increase their sales.”

Avoya recently re-engaged its campaign to bring new-to-travel Independent Agencies into the Avoya Network after these efforts were put on hold in May 2020 so Avoya could focus its support efforts on its loyal, long-term independent Agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the significant increase in demand that arose during the pandemic for independent contracting opportunities and the ability to earn income remotely, Avoya is using this opportunity to capitalize on the trend by re-initiating the campaign to encourage new-to-travel Independent Agencies to affiliate their businesses with Avoya. In combination with Avoya’s new set of initiatives aimed at providing additional support for the Avoya Network, Avoya’s new Agent Education Partnership with Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and the Avoya Mastermind program, these programs provide optional resources for new-to-travel Independent Agencies to successfully start their own business in affiliation with Avoya Travel.

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