Allianz Travel Insurance’s New Agent Tool

AgentMax is a new tool to help agents sell travel insurance.
AgentMax is set up to help agents sell travel insurance.

Allianz Travel Insurance has enhanced its desktop agent tool, AgentMax, with the launch of MaxMail, helping agents sell insurance quickly and easily.

MaxMail is an e-mail type of system that is accessed through AgentMax. As most travelers purchase insurance when they purchase their travel, “we want to make it easy to offer insurance after the initial purchase and a short time frame after,” says Caroline Horwitz, director of marketing technology for Allianz Global Assistance USA. “Agents have a lot going on, we want to make it as easy as possible.” By simply checking a box when creating a quote, the system can send co-branded second-chance offers to the agent’s clients after the trip is saved. MaxMail will send out a quote with a link to a mobile-friendly purchase page that allows the customer to complete the insurance purchase on their own. Agents can automatically schedule these reminders to go out to their clients from as early as seven days after their travel purchase to 30 days later, and even five days before their trip. Once the client purchases the insurance, the commission goes back to the agent and shows up on AgentMax. “Travel insurance provides agents with a really valuable source of revenue; protects customers; and can save lives in real case emergencies. In MaxMail agents can maximize their sales and commission by the simple click of a mouse,” adds Horwitz.

Agents can use the AgentMax tool as a stand-alone device or with the agents’ personal Global Distribution System (GDS); it can also integrate with their client management system. “We wanted to give our partners an easy way to quote and purchase travel insurance and see options for customers,” says Horwitz. The AgentMax tool allows agents to import information, and works as a quoting tool so agents can save quotes, and track sales and earnings from Allianz. AgentMax also allows agents to manage or make changes such as changing the trip date or the cost of the trip. “We wanted to make it a no-brainer for agents to sell travel insurance. It’s made to work on their desktop and with their workflow,” points out Horwitz.

Agents can select when their clients receive reminders through MaxMail.
Agents can select when their clients receive reminders through MaxMail.

Agents who have an account with Allianz can download the installation software for free from the Allianz Travel Insurance website. Sales teams across the country are also available for assistance with the installation; for instance, if a larger agency needs installation across multiple desktops or on a terminal server.

When using AgentMax, agents can customize the display to show insurance plans that are most frequently sold, or display a particular plan, as well as the order in which they appear. Other customizations that can be done are selecting administrative rights and reporting; plus an agency’s management can track the sales of their clients and see what plans are selling and how much they are selling. These reports show in real time, and save the agency from having to wait for the end of the month for monthly commission and sales statements. For more information, visit