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Parisian hotel Relais Christine’s Spa Guerlain was built for transcendence, as its new signature treatment promises. Hundreds of years ago, when an Abbey sat where the hotel sits now, the musings of 13th-century Cistercian monks gathered in the space beneath its lofty vaulted ceiling.

The spa is sheltered within limestone walls that, softened by time and history, stand wise today; reflection and renewal stem naturally from these surroundings. A large lounge blooms with the scents and sights of Guerlain’s full beauty and fragrance line, available for guest perusal, as are the spa’s soothing refreshments. Whirlpool, dry sauna, and an amply-equipped gym make up the well-being area, where guests can strive for a state of grace through running, biking and rowing, among other activities.

Signature Wellness Treatment at Parisian Hotel

The new signature treatment at Spa Guerlain melds spirit and flesh in a 2-hour experience that includes a series of facial treatments and sensitive body care, leaving the soul floating lightly within its newly toned sanctuary. The treatment, known as The Guerlain Dedication, is set in one of the spa’s two private rooms, where the expert hands of Spa Guerlain’s estheticians work their magic. The gems of nourishment don’t end there. The hotel’s Guerlain Moments special offer includes a full breakfast daily, two hour-long treatments, and tea and sweets in the spa lounge. Guests who book with the special offer will be greeted by fresh fruit upon first arrival at their room.

Relais Christine offers a quiet balance to the boutiques and cafes amongst which it is settled in Saint-Germain-des-Pres. From its alcove behind a private gate in Paris’ left bank, the hotel offers guests the chance to enter a calm eye in the city’s mighty storm. Those who are looking to be welcomed by the city as familiars will find open arms at Relais Christine, where the homey and the luxurious make surprisingly fitting friends.

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