Visit Wales has partnered with Aston Martin to give visitors a new and unique way to explore the country via three authentically Welsh cross-country routes.

The Wales Way—as this network of scenic touring routes is called—takes visitors on a journey to explore the many sides of Wales while discovering some of the gems that the country has to offer. These routes feature over 6,000 years of history that can be seen throughout the road trip, which takes visitors on ancient paths and roads built by the Romans. With a high density of sights and attractions along each of the three “ways,” guests will have the opportunity to stop and explore.

The Coastal Way takes travelers along the west coast of Wales where they can admire the dramatic seascapes and mountains. The North Wales Way is especially packed with history and culture as visitors on this route meander through two UNESCO World Heritage sites and more, and The Cambrian Way focuses on Wales’ countryside while winding through two national parks filled with mountains and other beautiful scenery.

The three routes were designed to intersect so travelers can choose to enjoy just one route for a shorter trip or complete any combination of the routes for longer trips. The trips are also not exclusively for those traveling by car as they offer rail connections, walking paths, cycling routes and horse riding trails.

Visitors can travel along The Wales Way by following a series of route maps available at Maps also come complete with guides to the must-see attractions and uniquely Welsh experiences along the route.

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