Busch Gardens’ Cobra’s Curse Opens

The new Cobra's Curse coaster is set to open.
The new Cobra’s Curse coaster is set to open.

BusThis new coaster features a 70-ft. vertical lift that takes riders within inches of the 3-ft.-wide eyes and 4-ft.-long fangs of the coaster’s cobra. The 3.5-minute ride speeds down the 2,100-ft. track at about 40 mph, while traveling backwards, forward, and spinning. Each ride will be unique, as each train spins randomly with the frequency and direction determined by the rider weight distribution. Before riders get on the coaster, they’ll experience an immersive experience and snake exhibit featuring four exotic snake species, including some of the world’s most feared vipers. For more information, visit cobrascurse.com or buschgardenstampablog.com.