River Cruise Craze Extends to the Amazon

The Upper Deck Room on board the MV Cattleya.
The Upper Deck Room on board the MV Cattleya.

Something’s always happening on the river, in this case, the Amazon River, when come June, a floating architectural gem, the M/V Cattleya, will celebrate her maiden voyage by sailing with Rainforest Cruises, a boutique travel company specializing in traditional and authentic Amazon River cruises and expedition riverboat tours.

To celebrate the 8-passenger Cattleya launch, Rainforest Cruises is offering savings up to $600 pp on fares for 4- and 5-day sailings: 4-day cruises are priced pp starting at $1,799, 5-day cruises at $2,299. Discount bookings must be made by July 1, 2014.

Cattleya will cruise in Pacaya-Samiria waters, Peru’s second largest national reserve, an area of innumerable lakes, swamps and floodplains that covers 5 million acres between the Ucayali and Maranon Rivers. Protecting an ecosystem that is home to the most diverse wildlife on the planet, the reserve is home to 330 species of birds, and 130 types of mammals.

Cattleya is fitted with four air-conditioned suites, stylishly decorated with king-size beds and sheets of the finest linens. Suite features include minibars, and en-suite bathrooms equipped with hot showers and luxury bathrobes. Guests enjoy fine dining as a talented chef serves freshly prepared dishes made from often exotic local ingredients, accompanied by house wines that are included in the cruise cost. Morning and afternoon excursions are central to each day’s program on the river, accompanied by local bilingual guides well acquainted with the rainforest; activities include hiking, birdwatching, observing wildlife from a canopy walkway, fishing (catch & release) and kayaking. Cooking classes starring Amazon cuisine specialties are an extra-special feature on the cruise agenda.

Specially designed to be sleeker, have a shallower draft and have a smaller engine than other vessels in the region, the Cattleya is able to quietly navigate further along the narrow tributaries and channels of the Amazon River, increasing the opportunities of passengers spotting illusive wildlife and allowing for a tranquil and comfortable journey.

For more information, call (727) 498-0234 or visit cruise@rainforestcruises.com or rainforestcruises.com.