Cannabis-Friendly Wellness Resorts Coming to the U.S.

Coachill Inn Resort cannabis-friendly
Renderings of Coachill Inn Resort, the first cannabis-friendly wellness property from Alternative Hospitality.

As the travel industry approaches a crossroad where wellness-themed trips are still trending and cannabis-related tourism is on the rise thanks to the legalization of recreational marijuana in several states, Roger Bloss, CEO and president of Alternative Hospitality Inc.,is taking things to the next level as he becomes the first hotelier to launch a portfolio of health and wellness cannabis-based hotels.

Bloss brings nearly 50 years of experience in the hotel industry to his next venture, but his personal experience with using medical marijuana to recover from a heart attack and a car accident also influenced his decision to embark on creating these hotels.

“The inspiration to launch a line of cannabis health and wellness hotels came about because one, I believe strongly in the benefits of CBD, hemp and cannabis; and two, I’m pretty good at launching successful hotel companies and brands,” says Bloss. “But most importantly, it’s a chance to stay in the business I love and be an important part of the ground-breaking cannabis industry that is going to change the way we live.”

Alternative Hospitality currently has eight properties in the pipeline, including three in Las Vegas, three in California, one in Michigan, and one in Oklahoma. The company’s first hotel will break ground later this year as construction begins on the 150-guestroom Coachill Inn Resort in Desert Hot Springs, California.

“Each of these properties will be adapted to their marketplace. For example, the Coachill Inn Resort will have a 5,000-seat amphitheater for entertainment and a lazy-river pool that taps into the area’s natural hot springs,” says Bloss.

While each property will add their own flair to the portfolio, guests can expect that all Alternative Hospitality hotels will be upper-midscale properties featuring a dispensary, wellness goods, and services to educate guests about the health benefits of cannabis.

Bloss also adds that “all the properties will offer a great stay with high quality amenities, food and beverage, workout facilities and guest service. So, people will initially try the hotel for the cannabis health and wellness experience, but they will return because they are great hotels that offer an amazing stay.”

When asked about the environment that Alternative Hospitality properties will seek to create and the type of travelers that would be best suited for these hotels, Bloss emphasized that health and wellness were the primary focus.

“Our hotels are for people who want to learn about the health and wellness benefits of hemp, CBD and cannabis. You’ll be able to talk to people of like minds and in a like environment where you can experience, experiment and educate yourself,” Bloss says. “This is not a smoke house.”

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