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Avanti is expanding its offer in Japan, and it’s good news for your FIT clients—and you. There are two new regions, Shizouka and Tohuku, with a customizable vacation in each one, and both are featured in Avanti’s re-done and expanded 46-page e-brochure, Japan: A World Apart, available on your advisor portal.

​“Japan is our number one selling country in Asia,” said Paul Barry, Avanti’s CEO, in a press statement. “Most of our bookings are focused on Tokyo and Kyoto, so the objective of this e-brochure is to show travel advisors how many other fascinating places and experiences the country offers. Even in the high seasons of sakura in the spring when the cherry trees are in full bloom and in the fall when trees change to vivid colors, it is possible to find many places with far fewer tourists where your FIT clients can have a wide choice of authentic encounters with the many facets of Japan’s culture.”

Avanti’s e-Brochure is Key to Successful Sales

Private dinner with a traditional geisha in Kyoto.

The company also provides sales tips and advice on creating unique client itineraries. The new e-brochure was created for you to share with your clients, shares information on visiting Japan in each of the four seasons, and introduces you to various experiences with different focuses from culinary, nature, adventure and gardens to history, culture, wellness and more.

The sales tool also has videos and resources from the Japan National Tourism Organization, including a Tokyo city map, a guide to attractions, explanations of the country’s train system and recommendations on using the subway system.

Among the experiences Barry shared is a private dinner with a geisha, hot spring (onsen)-hopping in Kinosaki, visiting the snow monkeys in Yudanaka, hiking along the shrine-dotted Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route, or trying out traditional crafts in Kanazawa.

“Even in Toyko, we suggest places and experiences that most travelers miss,” added Barry, noting that early booking is strongly recommended for clients who want to travel at peak tourist times.

Avanti’s new region of Shizuoku is home to Mt. Fuji.

Among the destinations highlighted in the new e-brochure, in addition to Tokyo and Kyoto, are Fukuoka, known for its street food; Hakone, famous for its open-air art museum; Hida-Takayama, known for outdoor mountain activities, among other things; Hiroshima, with its Atomic Bomb Dome and restored castle; Kamakura, where clients can selfie with the nation’s second tallest Buddha statues; and many more.

New experiences include a guided snorkeling tour or an evening food safari with a private guide, both in Okinawa; sushi making in a local restaurant in Tokyo after a tour of Tsukiji; and a traditional crafts tour in Kanazawa, where they’ll learn to apply gold leaf to objects and how to dye cloth in ancient ways, to name but a few.

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