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Japan was one of the last countries to drop all COVID-19 restrictions, and to celebrate, Walk Japan has announced 7 new tours for your clients to get up close and personal with the astounding variety of experiences the country has to offer, from the countryside to the city, including the paths less trodden. The new tours bring the total of guided, self-guided and specialty tours to Japan up to 34.

“We are delighted to be welcoming our guests back to Japan and adding these seven new pioneering experiences that access little-explored destinations across the nation,” said Paul Christie, CEO of Walk Japan, in a press statement. “Following ancient trails and trade routes to charming historic towns, indulging in soothing onsen hot springs and sumptuous cuisine, these new itineraries are finely crafted by Walk Japan’s experienced team, ensuring every tour is an authentic experience offering deep insights into Japan’s society, history, culture, and traditions.”

Walk Japan’s Newest Line-Up

Taking guests through the best of Japan’s landscapes and providing access to its culture is a specialty of Walk Japan. The two tours in its North Honshu area, Michinoku Coastal Trail (9 days) and Self-Guided Michinoku Coastal Trail Wayfarer (10 days) take them along the best sections of the 637-mile Michinoku Shiokaze Coastal Trail in Japan’s Tohoku region. They can choose to tour alone or with a Walk Japan Tour Leader as they follow the trail along the Pacific Coast, visiting coastal villages and farming communities along the way. (Offered from April to June and September to November.)

In the Central Honshu region, the Shio-no-Michi: The Salt Road tour is a 9-day guided excursion that follows an ancient trade route and includes visits to a historic castle town and remote mountain villages, ending by the shores of the Sea of Japan. Offered from May to June and September to November, it’s an opportunity for full immersion in the countryside—think rice paddies, beech forests and babbling brooks.

View of Mt. Fuji from Tokaido. (Photo by Walk Japan)

The Self-Guided Tokaido Wayfarer takes your clients through the central section of the Tokaido that connects Kyoto to Tokyo, where they’ll literally and figuratively walk their way through Japan’s history to modern times. This one is offered year-round and lasts 6 days. The Onsen Gastronomy: Gifu tour takes them on a 5-day jaunt to a largely remote area in the mountain ranges and includes a dive into the delicious rustic cuisine and a visit to the hot springs with a leisurely visit with the local sake (offered April to November).

The Self-Guided Kunisaki Wayferer is 6 days of walking in the footsteps of the monks on the off-the-beaten-path area of the Kunisaki Peninsula—think temples, forest trails and country lanes (offered from January to June and September to December). Last but not least, the Onsen Gastronomy: Oita & Kumamoto experience is a guided 5-day tour that starts in Beppu, the onsen hot spring capital of Japan, and explores Oita and the Kumamoto Prefectures in a region known for its landscapes and excellent food. Offered year-round.

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