Gin & Rum Companies in Grenada Focus on Producing Hand Sanitizers

Gin and rum companies in Grenada come together to produce hand sanitizers.

Grenada Distiller’s Limited, Blue Light Gin and Westerhall Estate Grenada have stepped-up and are doing their part to help reduce the spread of the virus by producing hand sanitizing solutions for local distribution.

Grenada Distilleries Limited
The parent company of the islands’ popular Clark’s Court rum, Grenada Distillers Limited’s efforts began with the production of 1,200 cases of sanitizing solution that was made available to all supermarkets and pharmacies island wide. The company also made donations to various senior citizens’ and children’s homes, as well as additional distributions of the sanitizing solution to the Grenada Bus Association in collaboration with the government of Grenada, Royal Grenada Police Force Traffic Department, prison and other law enforcement entities. Due to the destination’s current regulations, some retailers are operating on a modified schedule and the company has stepped in to provide special delivery options in the interim. The cost for the sanitizer is approximately $9.00 USD for 750 ml. For more information, visit

Blue Light Caribbean Gin’s hand sanitizer.

Blue Light Gin
As the destination’s only micro-distillery of hand-crafted gin, Blue Light began distilling gin on Grenada in 2018 and is headquartered at La Phare Bleu resort. The company began production of hand sanitizers on March 24, with 100 bottles per day and will continue as needed. The aloe vera infused finished product is a 500 ml bottle, which sells for approximately $9.00 USD, however Blue Light Gin has also donated to homes for the elderly and impoverished. With the island’s enhanced restrictions, distribution and purchasing will now be done directly with the factory. For more information, visit

Westerhall Estate Grenada
As one of the oldest rum producers on Grenada, Westerhall Estate is a family-owned company that has been in operation since 1766. Production of hand sanitizers began on March 25 and to date, approximately 14,000 bottles were made with donations given to medical facilities, police stations, some assisted living homes, and her majesty’s prison. Westerhall Estate also announced that the sanitizer will become a permanent fixture on their product line. The cost for 250 ml is approximately $1.85 USD and $12.95 USD for 1.75 liters. For more information, visit

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