December 2013

December 2013

Asia & The South Pacific in the rearview mirror

This past year, Asia and the South Pacific saw some game-changing moves come into play—moves that may lure more visitors come 2014.

Mexico 2013

From new hotels to marketing initiatives geared to increase tourism numbers, Mexico was quite busy in 2013, and we got most of it covered.

Latin America in 2013 & Beyond

This year, the cream that seemed to rise to the top of Latin America’s travel marketplace brew was a trio of trends—luxury, sustainability and enriching experiences.

Africa + The Middle East Continue to Make Strides

Between 10 to 40 degrees longitude there are a plethora of new routes, hotels, flights and adventures your clients can experience.
Kyle of Lochalsh in Scotland

Nostalgic for Europe

Europe—from Great Britain to Italy, France, Germany, Eastern European countries, and Turkey, too—is never one to rest on its laurels, with new vacation experiences awaiting first-timers as well as those North Americans who just can’t get enough of this historically, architecturally, and culturally rich continent.