5 Unique Spa Experiences

When your clients vacation in Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean, chances are they’re looking forward to some R&R. Instead of opting for the typical Swedish massage, recommend your clients indulge in one of the unique spa treatments available at these properties in Mexico, Belize, and Grand Cayman.

5. Naia Resort and Spa

In a specialty ritual that honors ancient practices, the Mystic Light experience at Belize’s Naia Resort and Spa takes guests through various spiritual cleanses designed to revitalize guests both physically and mentally. Beginning with a foot bath, guests will have the opportunity to set their intentions for the experience, while copal incense, myrrh, and the resort’s signature Naïa essential oil are burned to cleanse the surroundings. This is then followed with a combination of reiki and chakra balancing techniques accompanied by the sounds of singing bowls. At the end of the experience, guests will be gifted with a Maya spring water goddess figurine presented in a handmade Maya bag.

For more information, visit naiaresortandspa.com.

4. Resorts World Bimini

Travelers don’t have to visit Iceland in order to experience the aromas of its moonflower thanks to the Icelandic Moonflower Dream Ritual currently being offered by Resorts World Bimini. This 2-step, 80-minute treatment starts with a softening exfoliation with sea crystals, aloe, and sea algae enriched with the essences of freesia and Icelandic moonflower. Step two is a relaxing full body massage, along with the application of a lotion infused with sea rocket, cassiope and apple blossom. Tell your clients not to plan anything post-treatment as this ritual is meant to leave guests feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to fall into a deep sleep.

For more information, visit rwbimini.com.

3. Barcelo Maya Grand Resort

In an experience that will leave your clients feeling like they are floating in space, Riviera Maya’s Barcelo Maya Grand Resort invites guests to spend time in an Epsom salt bath within the property’s U-Spa. The Flotation Experience takes place in a dark, dome-shaped room where the ceiling is speckled with stars that imitate the night sky. In the room are two tubs filled with water that has been infused with Epsom salts, which allow the human body to naturally float. Guests often lose track of time and space while staring at the starry ceiling and relaxing the mind as the body floats in the bath. In addition to the revitalizing properties of the special salts, the flotation experience ends with an intensive body moisturizing treatment, which leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.

For more information, visit barcelo.com.

2. Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa

The Purification Hammam Journey offered by the Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa in Grand Cayman is a 120-minute, multi-step process designed to detoxify the body. The treatment begins with a welcome ritual using the aromas of an oil blend containing basil, lemon, anise, mandarin, and vitamin E. The therapist will then apply a nourishing body cleanse with a traditional kessa mit to moisten the skin in preparation for an intense exfoliation using volcanic ash. This is followed by a creamy detox mud containing thermal water and marine silt, while a traditional Turkish scalp massage with essential oils is applied to the crown to increase circulation and scalp relaxation. Removal of the mud will then transition into a full body massage that incorporates an aromatic lotion.

For more information, visit seafireresortandspa.com.

1. Occidental at Xcaret Destination

Located on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, Occidental at Xcaret Destination allows guests to immerse in traditional practices of the region through the spa’s Traditional Mayan Temazcal experience. This 2-hour therapeutic and ritual steam bath makes use of herbs to purify both the body and soul in a relaxing journey that honors an ancient Mayan tradition. The treatment is held in a hut-like structure, which is built from mortar and stone, symbolizing Mother Nature’s womb, while the natural elements used in the ceremony—water, earth, air, and fire—symbolize the different energies and physical parts of the human body. The Traditional Mayan Temazcal can be experienced as a solo session with a specialized shaman as a guide, or it can be shared with up to 25 people.

For more information, visit barcelo.com.