Wanderlust Has a New Soundtrack

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USTOA On Tour t-shirt. (Photo courtesy USTOA)

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Music has powers that are unequaled. A single tune can uplift spirits. A beloved song can instantly summon up a fond memory. A beat can make us leap to our feet. A stirring composition can transcend time.

That’s why the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) is using music to move travelers… emotionally and literally. The USTOA On Tour Live music video is a lively spin around the globe, filled with the sounds, sights and cultural delights of places that hold deep intrigue. Listen intently, and you’ll understand what makes these destinations so appealing for travelers.

Colombia’s a Colorful Patchwork

As we wander the streets of Cartagena, Colombia, we feel the joyful spirit and that characterizes this beautiful South American nation. It feels like a parade, which is apropos for this land of infinite festivals. Each of Colombia’s six regions has distinct customs, music, culinary specialties and natural beauty.

Discover the Magic Inside Dubrovnik’s Walls

The massive stone walls that encircle this Croatian city are its most famous feature. Once we’re inside, though, what resonates is the way Dubrovnik’s people live solidly in the present while sustaining cherished traditions like the kolo linđo: a dance that leaves audiences feeling buoyant.

Feel Panamá’s Beat from Sunrise to Sunset and Beyond

Afrolatino drumbeats accompany our visit to Panamá. During daylight hours and often well into the night, Panamá has a rhythm distinctly its own: a product of seven indigenous peoples and all of the cultures that converged here even before the famous canal opened.

Explore the Rhythms of Peru

As pan flutes trill in the Andes or a modern-day Peruvian brass band blares its joyful tones, you can’t help but sense musicians’ pride in the legacy of the past and the artistry of the present. The USTOA camera crew captured one brass ensemble: Imagine 30 bands playing at once on a holiday.

Türkiye is Inherently Musical

Türkiye straddles two continents, and its cultural life is richly diverse. What a privilege it is to behold the Whirling Dervishes: Their mystical twirl traces its roots to the 13th century. They’re accompanied by traditional instruments like the ney, a reed flute.

Cultural Odysseys Begin In-Flight

Based in Türkiye but with a dozen U.S. gateway cities, Turkish Airlines flies to more countries than any other. Cultural immersion begins from the moment passengers experience elevated amenities, like Flying Chefs who prepare meals and full flat beds that ensure dreamy sleep.

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