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Palladium Hotel Group just announced the creation of Palladium Cares, a new identity that comprises every aspect of the group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects on a global scale. The strategy includes focuses on three main areas: People, Community and Planet.

“Palladium Cares was created with the aim of consolidating the company’s historic commitment to CSR, giving continuity to existing projects, strengthening them and promoting new ones,” said Jesus Sobrino, CEO of Palladium Hotel Group, in a press statement. “We focus, firstly, on our internal team, to continue to have a positive impact, in parallel, on our communities and the surroundings. We recognize in social work an element that cultivates and strengthens our spirit and the bond with our collaborators”.

Palladium Cares’ Three Main Focuses

The “people” focus of the program looks to improve the lives of the company’s employees and their environment through a series of initiatives—98 in total. Some include improvements to leisure and free time, wellness and accommodation and employee transfers.

“At Palladium Hotel Group we have a strong commitment to our employees. We are convinced that our people are the main active of our company and we must demonstrate this by giving them all the support and accompaniment they need, both in material aspects and in the monitoring and training of their careers,” said Gloria Juste, corporate director of social responsibility at Palladium Hotel Group.

The second action focus, “community,” is underway with two projects in development in Europe and in America that seek to support and contribute to the destinations where the Palladium Hotel Group has its operations in gratitude to the local communities. This “grain of sand” comes in the form of Professional Training Centers in America (Brazil, Mexico and Jamaica) to facilitate access to the labor market for those who complete the training programs. In Europe, the company is launching the “4 causes to take action,” which will be developed in four phases focusing on childhood, inequality, the planet and elder care.

“Through internal action plans, we will improve the quality of life of our employees, while through the collaboration campaigns we have designed with external entities, we will leave a positive footprint in the communities in which we operate in each destination,” said Juste.

The third focus, “planet,” tackles the company’s responsibility to the planet with the goal of protecting people. Palladium Hotel Group has a history of promoting environmental protection measures, but now the company will reinforce this globally with follow-ups in the form of audits. Focal points include the reduction of plastics, the sustainable use of natural resources such as water, the reduction and correct management of waste and the protection of biodiversity, among many others. Examples include the Agricultural Production Center in Brazil and the Fish Sanctuary in Jamaica.

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