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The rules for international travel to the United Kingdom have changed. Starting on Tuesday, Dec. 7 all travelers (fully vaccinated or not) must take a PCR or LFD Covid-19 test within the two days before they travel to the United Kingdom.

In addition, fully vaccinated travelers will need to have pre-booked a PCR Covid-19 test prior to their arrival. Although this test is commonly known as a “DAY 2” test, it can be taken at any point within two days of arrival in the UK.

This means guests can schedule a test to be conducted shortly after their arrival, after which travelers must quarantine in their accommodation until they receive a negative result. Some testing providers can provide a PCR test result in as little as 5 hours. As soon as travelers receive a negative result they are able to exit quarantine.

Arriving travelers will need to:

  1. Take a PCR or LFD Covid-19 test within 2 days before they travel to the United Kingdom
  2. Pre-book a “Day-2” PCR covid-19 test prior to their arrival
  3. The pre-booked PCR test must be taken within two days of the arrival (the arrival day is considered to be day 0). Travelers will be required to quarantine in accommodation of their choice until receiving a negative result

Though PCR test is referred to as a “Day 2” test, it can be taken immediately upon arrival. For London arrivals, private clinics such as Fleet Street Clinic offer the PCR results in 2-5 hours with their “Ultra Rapid” service, reducing the self-isolation period to a minimum.

Guests can pre-book an in-clinic appointment at Fleet Street Clinic for their arrival date. Depending on the arrival time, guests can travel from the airport, directly to the clinic for testing. After the testing procedure has been completed, they can travel to accommodation of their choice and wait for the PCR test results. Travelers opting for the ultra-rapid service by Fleet Street Clinic can receive their PCR result within 2 to 5 hours.

These rules apply for entry into all parts of the United Kingdom, including Scotland and England and apply for individuals who are fully vaccinated.

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