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First, domestic; then, international. The Israel Ministry of Tourism has announced that Israel will start implementing gradual measures for restarting Israel’s tourism.

On May 3, 2020, hotels and accommodations with ground-floor rooms (such as B&B accommodations) will open to operation as the first step in these measures, with the hope of returning to full-scale tourism operations as soon as possible. This initial phase has been approved with regard to domestic tourism and is based on the effects of COVID-19 as it stands today. The government has determined that re-igniting tourism, first with domestic travel, is the optimal first step in a slow progression toward comprehensively resuming Israel’s tourism industry.

In conjunction with the Ministry of Health, the next phase will include new guidelines that will be formulated for operating hotels and accommodations during this COVID-19 period.

Israel Tourism Commissioner for North America Eyal Carlin said in a video presentation, “The next step is allowing international travel to Israel. Though we are not sure when that is going to happen, we are encouraged by the support of the travel trade here in North America and in Israel. The high demand for Israel from North American travelers and the effective response of the Israeli authorities, give us hope to see travel to Israel recover quickly, once international travel resumes.

“Currently United is flying from New York to Tel Aviv and El Al, Delta and Air Canada are planning to introduce flights starting in June. Tour operators, travel agencies, and travel agents are using this time to plan, to prepare, to educate themselves for when they will be able to return to sending travelers to Israel. Together we will overcome this. We miss having you in Israel. We miss hosting you in our beautiful country. So right now I encourage you to dream about your future travel. To stay home, to stay safe, but to be inspired by Israel, and to think about the next time you will come.”

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