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Travelers who book American Airlines flights via travel advisors could miss out on the opportunity to earn frequent flyer miles, according to a new airline policy announced today.

The airline also announced that the price of a first checked bag will rise from $30 to $40 for travelers who don’t pay before they arrive at the airport. For those who pay during online check-in, the cost is $35. That’s the highest fee charged for a first checked bag by any major U.S. airline.

Under the policy that will take effect on May 1, AAdvantage frequency flyer program members will only earn miles and loyalty points if they book directly with American Airlines via their website, app or call center; with one of American’s codeshare partners; or book through a preferred travel agency.

“American will share a list of eligible preferred agencies on in late April,” according to the announcement.

Moreover, Basic Economy fare tickets will now only earn miles and points when booked directly with American and eligible partner airlines.

The policy does not apply to AAdvantage Business members or contracted corporate travelers, who will continue to earn miles regardless of where they book, according to the airline.

Vasu Raja, American’s chief commercial officer, framed the changes as offering travelers the best value for their travel dollar. “Not only does booking directly with American provide the best possible experience, it’s also where we offer the best fares and it’s most rewarding for our AAdvantage members,” he said.

American Airlines Increases Checked Baggage Fee

According to American’s new fee schedule, bag fees for domestic flights (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) will now be $35 for first checked bags purchased online or $40 for first checked bags purchased at the airport.

The second checked bag fee will be $45 online or at the airport.

Bag fees for Canada-bound flights and short-haul international flights will be $35 for first checked bags and $45 for second checked bags purchased online or at the airport.

The fee for traveling with a pet in the passenger cabin was increased to $150.

Some of these fees will still be waived for travelers holding AAdvantage elite status.