AmaAcademy: AmaWaterways’ New Advisor Education Platform

AmaWaterways launched AmaAcademy, an all-new interactive online travel partner education platform designed to help travel advisors sell luxury river cruise vacations.

Advisors who complete AmaAcademy’s first course—”‘Ama Means Love: The AmaWAterways Difference”—will receive an AmaWaterways certified advisor certificate and qualify for reduced FAM rates starting at $690 pp. In addition, all new Course 1 graduates who book a new reservation with a deposit within 90 days of completing the first course qualify to earn a $50 digital Mastercard.

“The launch of our new AmaAcademy is very exciting, as it has always been a priority for us to provide valuable resources to support our travel advisor partners, especially as we continue to grow and expand our offerings,” said Kristin Karst, executive vice president and co-founder of AmaWaterways. “We’ve received wonderful feedback from travel advisors during AmaAcademy’s soft launch, and we are confident this new tool will allow our partners to grow their sales through a deeper understanding of the special river cruise experience that AmaWaterways offers their clients.”

Graduates under the previous learning platform are grandfathered into the reduced FAM rate, but are still encouraged to complete Course 1 of the new AmaAcademey to update their knowledge and benefit from the new booking incentive.

Additional courses and special incentives will be added in the coming months.

For more information, visit the Travel Advisor Portal at For more agent tools and online learning programs, click here. And, don’t miss our on these education programs.