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As we prepare to “draw the curtain” on 2019 and look to another new year and a brand-new decade, clients will, no doubt, be looking to make travel plans in keeping with their New Year’s resolutions. And, they will be looking to you to help them find the “right fit.”  As with many things in life, when it comes to wellness vacations and wellness retreats there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” Everyone has their own idea of what wellness means to them, and their own personal intention or goal.

Whether your client is looking for a self-directed wellness vacation or a guided and more structured Wellness Retreat here are just a few options to help that client find the best fit:

Le Monastere des Augustines. (Photo courtesy of the Wellness Tourism Association.)

For restorative rest and relaxation in a quiet setting: 

Le Monastere des Augustines
The historic Le Monastere des Augustines in Quebec City, Quebec, upholds the values and mission of the Augustinian Sisters founders of the first hospital in North America, still operating today in Quebec City. Three-to-five-night packages are not only designed to promote rest and renewal in a peaceful and historic environment, but to allow guests to learn about the rich heritage of the Augustinian Sisters. And, just as the Sisters did as far back as the 1600s, guests have the opportunity to begin each day in quiet self-reflection during the daily Silent Breakfast. For more information, visit

Hilton Head Health. (Photo courtesy of the Wellness Tourism Association.)

To lose weight and/or learn how to make healthy food choices to maintain a healthy weight: 

Skyterra Wellness Retreat
With a maximum capacity of just 20 guests on its 300-acre wooded campus on the outskirts of Brevard, North Carolina, Skyterra Wellness Retreat offers a 4-week weight loss program designed for those looking to lose significant weight and do so in a way that is effective and sustainable. The LoseSmart approach to weight loss includes a team of experts helping guests learn to break old habits and jump-start new ones. Activities include classes in fitness, yoga, meditation, stress management, nutrition, cooking, health education and outdoor recreation. Spa services and other enhancements are also available. For more information, visit

Hilton Head Health
Hilton Head Health, located on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, offers a variety of weight management programs designed to fit individual goals and objectives. The 1-week JumpStart program, for instance, includes various fitness options and a controlled healthy meal plan to kick-start any weight loss objective. The program also provides a platform for success by helping guests develop meal planning and fitness strategies to incorporate into their daily lives once they return home. For clients looking for more accountability and structure, Hilton Head Health offers extended-stay programs for four weeks or longer, allowing clients to immerse themselves in behavioral change, plus use the controlled environment to build their self- confidence when it comes to  managing their relationship with food. For more information, visit

BodyHoliday, the all-inclusive beachfront resort in Saint Lucia, offers fully customized dietary programs and, prior to arrival, guests can arrange a consultation with the resident nutritionist to review provided medical history. The nutritionist works closely with BodyHoliday chefs to create a balanced and customized meal plan encompassing any dietary restrictions, plus addressing objectives including weight loss and/or building muscle mass. While BodyHoliday is an all-inclusive resort, the nutritionist consultation is a supplementary service and the cost is based according to individual needs. Another supplementary offering is I-Tal: An Organic Farm to Table Experience allowing guests to learn how to naturally eat “cleaner” and make thoughtful food choices based on individual needs. For more information, visit

Views of Farimont Chateau Lake Louise.(Photo courtesy of the Wellness Tourism Association.)

For mindfulness, stress release and rebalancing with the like-minded:

G Adventures
One of the latest and largest adventure travel companies to launch a collection of tours dedicated to wellness combined with nature plus signature adventures, G Adventures offers small group programs designed to help travelers slow down, rebalance and be in-the-moment. With 80 plus departures planned for 2020, and trips ranging from seven to 30 days, the tour company offers nature-rich destinations including Nepal, Costa Rica, Iceland, Patagonia, Tuscany and Peru. Regular yoga sessions, intention setting and healthy food choices are offered on all wellness-focused tours so travelers can return home feeling a sense of balance and reconnection with self. Each destination also offers at least one unique wellness aspect, for instance, a purification bath in Bali, a prayer ceremony with monks in Nepal and an ashram stay in India. For more information, visit

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Embraced by over 4,000 sq. miles of protected pine forest, Lake Louise is one of the earth’s iconic wild places known to trigger rejuvenating experiences. And, for the past decade, the equally-iconic Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise has been hosting all-inclusive, wellness-retreats led by expert facilitators guiding small groups through mindfulness, meditation, yoga and self-empowering sessions. In the spring of 2020 alone, there are already six, 2- to 4-night retreats scheduled. Those seeking nature-inspired opportunities for mindfulness, stress release and rebalancing with the like-minded will also find that the sparkle and mystery of Lake Louise also helps revive the spirit. For more information, visit

The new Life Hiking Spa. (Photo courtesy of the Wellness Tourism Association.)

For fitness-in-nature enthusiasts:

New Life Hiking Spa
Located in the Green Mountains in Killington, Vermont where the Appalachian Trail and Long Trail intersect, New Life Hiking Spa offers at least three levels of hikes every day plus 27 different hikes each week. Now operating for over 40 years, and often making various lists of “most affordable” wellness retreats, New Life Hiking Spa also offers silent walking tours around a waterfall, meditation walks, kayaking excursions plus outdoor fitness classes including in their various programs. The 2020 season runs May 14th to October 5th. For more information, visit

Views of he Red Mountain Spa in St. George Utah. (Photo courtesy of the Wellness Tourism Association.)

For those wanting an overall health assessment and customized program to kickstart a healthier lifestyle:

Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa
Located in Miami, Florida, Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa offers 1- and 2-week (or longer), all-inclusive, medically supervised, customized and structured programs based on the pillars of regular exercise, a healthy eating plan and a healthy mindset. Physician consultations are part of the program, as are sessions led by nutritionists, behavioral therapists, exercise physiologists and other medical and wellness practitioners. The program includes everything from health-related lectures, to cooking and exercise classes, and even restaurant and grocery store outings. Guests are exposed to the life skills and tools they need to achieve long-term good health. For more information, visit

Red Mountain Resort
In collaboration with the nearby Intermountain Healthcare’s LiVe Well Center, Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah, offers the 5-day Rejuvenate & Live Well program plus another 5-day Executive Health & Wellness Retreat both of which include a 3- to 6-hour medical assessment and can include customized personal training sessions as well as personalized health coaching sessions following the retreat. Of course, guests of the 5-day programs also have access to the all-inclusive amenities of Red Mountain Resort including healthy meals, fitness classes, nature hikes and other wellness activities. For more information, visit

Spa Eastman
At Spa Eastman, located in the scenic Eastern Townships of Quebec about a 2-hour drive from Montreal, the Health Immersion Package is a complete program available in seven or 14-night stays. First, a team of health professionals works with each guest to determine their specific objectives, which could be anything from weight-loss, to stress management or becoming more knowledgeable about nutrition. The team then works to evaluate each guest’s individual habits in order to determine simple and effective changes to improve the person’s overall health. The package also includes daily activities, scheduled lectures and healthy meals built around energizing and anti-inflammatory dishes. For more information, visit

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