G Adventures has announced the launch of the Change Makers Challenge, a new incentive program for travel advisors aimed at highlighting their role in changing people’s lives through tourism.

The Change Makers Challenge is live now through March 31, 2019 and will measure lives changed through travelers booked. At the end of the challenge, G Adventures will host a weeklong Change Makers Summit in June 2019, where advisors will see firsthand the impact that responsible travel has on local women, youth, indigenous communities and small-business owners. The Summit, whose location has yet to be announced, will also enable advisors to experience the destination’s highlights and help build their product knowledge.

Only 100 Change Makers from the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Central Europe, Australia and New Zealand will qualify to join the Summit. Throughout the Challenge, travel advisors will automatically receive one entry per “life changed,” or traveler booked. Sales revenues and dollar value will not influence the determination of winners; traveler numbers will. By April 1, 2019, the 10 U.S. agents with the most clients booked during the prior 6-month period will gain a spot in the international Summit. Five additional winners will be selected based on criteria and challenges that will be revealed later, but may include “social good” entry opportunities that allow advisors to tout the work they’ve done or gifts they’ve made to help others through travel.

“As a social enterprise, we see two ways in which our tours positively impact people’s lives: first, through our travelers. When they choose to explore the world with us, their world view inevitably expands and their understanding of their place in it deepens. This can have profound and life-altering impacts. Second, through our customers’ interactions and purchases from local communities, they spread wealth, create opportunity and build cultural understanding,” said David Green, global v.p. for G Adventures, in press materials.

For more information, visit gadventures.com/agents. Also, be sure to check out this interview with Peter Worthing, v.p. of sales for G Adventures, for more insight on the current state of tourism and to learn more about how G Adventures is changing the world via travel and its social enterprise philosophy.