Central Holiday’s 2021 Brochures

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Central Holidays' 2021 brochures
Central Holidays' 2021 brochures.

Central Holidays announced the debut of its 2021 brochures featuring Egypt, Italy, Europe, Latin America, Africa and West Asia. Plus, in addition to studies showing the desire of many U.S. travelers to vacation more domestically, Central Holidays is introducing a new collection of unique USA Travel Programs—programs are fully customizable to meet the preferences of individual travelers and groups.

“Throughout our longstanding history, Central Holidays has affronted and triumphed over many challenges presented to the travel industry. We have emerged every time smarter and stronger thanks to an experienced and committed leadership. Our company is indeed fortunate to be part of an industry leader Sakkara Group International (SGI),” said Tewfik Ghattas, SGI Board Member, in press materials.

New for
Central Holidays has launched of a whole new and exciting collection of unique travel experiences across the USA.

“Our USA product portfolio was developed with the ultimate goal of offering our travel advisor partners and their clients a mix of popular programs, as well as exclusive vacation experiences in the destinations that they wish to explore now,” said Ghattas, in press materials. “This thoughtful style of product development is what has always set us apart from other travel companies since our founding in 1972. In keeping with Central Holidays’ philosophy of always thinking ‘outside of the box’—we created an ultra-distinctive selection of unique programs that are brimming with special experiences for travelers to cherish.”

New programs in the just-released USA brochure include culinary and wine traditions, National Parks programs, wildlife experiences, amusement parks, beach travel, and more.

Abroad, Central Holidays offers a variety of itineraries in Egypt; Italy; Europe, featuring Greece, France, Malta, Spain, Portugal, & Croatia; Latin America; and Africa and West Asia, including Israel, Eastern and Southern Africa, the UAE, Jordan, and Oman.  In these destinations, the company has updated its range of travel opportunities to include more small group programs, as well as more outdoor offerings and private experiences.

“Our fresh brochure offerings feature mindful itineraries that not only respect and follow health and safety protocols, but are also conscious, observant, and respectful of the location, natural environment, local communities, and travelers’ needs,” said Ghattas in a press statement.

Central Holidays’ brochure programs are all starting points and are available for customization and enhancements that clients are seeking today.

Our strength rests on our personalized and dedicated attention to our clients’ needs and wishes,” said Ghattas. “The values that Central Holidays embodies continue to shine in our exemplary client service, destination expertise, and our meticulously planned, affordable-luxury travel packages.”

For more information, visit centralholidays.com/BROCHURE. For more travel inspiration, click here.