Rail Europe Launches Mobile Version of Eurail Passes

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rail europe launches mobile
Rail Europe launches mobile version of Eurail passes. (Photo courtesy of Rail Europe.)

Rail Europe is launching a mobile version of the Eurail Passes, proposing a new range of services such as flexible exchange options, and a more sustainable way to travel.

Rail Europe is releasing through its API and its agents’ website a mobile version of the Eurail Passes, which allows travelers to cross from one up to 33 countries on several railways with only one pass.

Travelers will have to download an app and enter their name and pass number. They will then be able to foresee their itinerary, plan for journeys and keep all groups or families’ passes in one space. In the app, travelers create day tickets for each trip they make and that they show to the ticket inspectors. This procedure in the app replaces the paper travel diary that was used with the paper Eurail Pass.

Rail Europe will train its travel advisor partners in order for them to offer this new product. Dedicated videos, webinars, and training modules will be available in the coming weeks.

“It is a great upgrade to the customer’s experience that we are offering to our numerous Eurail Pass travelers. Mobile passes are the future as they avoid printing paper tickets and are safer as they allow for contactless ticket inspections. The app is really easy to use and we are sure that our partners will adapt in no time,” said Florence Pasquier, head of business at Rail Europe, in a press statement.

There are two versions of the Eurail Pass: the Global Pass, which allows travelers to travel around 33 countries in a determined period of time, and the One Country Pass for visiting a specific European country. More than 300,000 travelers chose to travel with a Eurail Pass each year.

For more information, visit raileurope.com. For more updates on rail travel, click here.