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Lufthansa has canceled 13,000 flights as the Independent Flight Attendant Organization (UFO) has called on its cabin crew to go on strike Nov. 7 and 8. Approximately 180,000 passengers are impacted by the strike. Affected passengers are being transferred to other flights free of charge.

It is recommended that the airline’s website is referenced for flight status. It can be accessed at

Even if the flight your client is scheduled to take has not been canceled and they prefer a different date, a free rebooking is being offered. If they are booked on a Lufthansa flight to or from Frankfurt or Munich with departure on November 7 or 8, you can rebook the flight for the same route to a new date up to and including 15 November (date of departure). If your client is booked on a domestic flight on November 7 or 8, a free exchange of the flight for a train ticket is also being offered.

In addition, Lufthansa will reimburse any care costs incurred directly as a result of the strike. Examples include hotel accommodations or meals during the waiting period or alternative means of transport to the original destination, following a plausibility check. Receipts should be submitted to or by e-mail to [email protected].

Starr Wlodarski with Cruise Planners was scheduled to fly Lufthansa on Friday back to the United States. Her flight was canceled. The airline rebooked Wlodarski on KLM/Delta.

In total, it is estimated that 180,000 passengers are going to be disrupted by this strike. Plus, the union has issued a statement saying that further strikes can come at any time.

For more information on the strike, click here and for more Lufthansa information, click here.