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If any of your clients will be walking in Memphis this February, point them in the direction of Hyatt Centric Beale Street Memphis and Caption by Hyatt Beale Street Memphis, two chic properties that are celebrating Black History Month by showcasing local Black-owned small businesses in some tasty ways.

Says Rowland Cheeks, area director of sales, marketing & events for both properties: “At Caption by Hyatt and Hyatt Centric Beale Street, we are thrilled to celebrate Black History Month with authentic Memphis spirit. Our ‘Meet the Roaster” Talk Shop space sessions mark the beginning of this celebration. We will be highlighting two fantastic local businesses, Cxffeeblack and Beale Street Brewing Co., where attendees will have the opportunity to sample products, establish connections, and gain insights directly from the creators of these homegrown brands. Hyatt is committed to giving back to the community, and as part of this event, we will donate $.50 per cup to a local charity making a significant impact in the city we proudly call home.”

Hyatt Offers a Tasty Blend of History and Local Flavor

The “Meet the Roaster” sessions kick off on Feb. 9 at the Talk Shop space with the spotlight on Bartholomew Jones, founder of Cxfeeblack, who will share the local brand’s history and encourage discussion on the topic while everyone savors a cup of their craft coffee. Other sessions will be announced throughout the month.
The Beer Garden at Caption by Hyatt Beale Street Memphis.

The Talk Shop will also host beer tastings with the folks from Beale Street Brewing Co., which uses “blues, an array of hop varietals, locally sourced and unconventional ingredients, and the soul of Memphis to produce a boundless variety of classic and innovative beer styles.” The brewers will be on hand for chats and tastings.

And there’s more: The property is currently in talks with the National Civil Rights Museum to set up a mini-exhibit about the museum to help educate guests about Black History Month and the Civil Rights Movement and its connection to The Home of the Blues.
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