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Dua Lipa, one of today’s biggest pop stars, is not only a musical sensation, but also an avid traveler. 

Here’s a guide on how to travel like Lipa.

Dua Lipa
Photo by Aditya Siva on Unsplash.

Jaipur, India
During her most recent travels, Lipa visited Jaipur, India, spending the New Year’s celebration in the city. For her editorial platform, Service95, the singer listed five must-sees in Jaipur. First on the list is Amber Palace Fort, known for its impressive Rajput architecture from the 16th century. Second, the Aravalli Hills are a mountain range that bring serenity with its stunning views. Third, she recommends the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation Shop, which showcases and supports women’s traditional Rajasthani craft. The Dera Amer camp, next on her list, is an elephant and wilderness sanctuary that allows visitors to experience luxury camping. Lastly, the singer lists the Jaipur Wholesale Flower Market, a beautiful display of colors and nature, as the final must-see.
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Dua Lipa
Photo by Gregory DALLEAU on Unsplash.

Dublin, Ireland
In 2022, the pop star revealed some of her favorite spots in Dublin. Firstly, she lists Grogans, a local pub in the middle of the city, which is the perfect place for a beer and a sandwich, according to the singer. She also recommends Hugo’s, a bistro-style restaurant with live jazz. Fish Shop is a must for seafood lovers visiting Dublin. Next, she listed Toners Pub, one of Dublin’s oldest and most traditional pubs (harking back to 1734). Her last spot is Peruke & Periwig, which has a unique approach to its cocktail menu as it is based on music genres. For more on Ireland, visit

Dua Lipa
Photo by Léonard Cotte on Unsplash.

Paris, France
The songstress made a travel list for Paris in 2023. First on the list is the restaurant Double Dragon, which serves Filipino cuisine along with natural wine. Continuing with the trend of wine, she also suggests stopping by Early June, a wine bar that hosts rotating chefs. When it comes to seafood cuisine, Lipa recommends Clamato, which serves unique seafood dishes with a changing menu. Fourth on the list is Au Top, a rooftop restaurant with wondrous views of Paris. Lastly, she lists Racines, a Michelin-star bistro that serves classic French dishes. For more on Paris, visit

The singer also loves to visit other places across the globe. Being of Albanian descent, she has spent many summers in Albania, exploring its beaches and villages. In the western hemisphere, she loves to travel to Jamaica for its beaches and Mexico City for its culture.