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Want to dive into an immersive chocolate experience? As an homage to this weekend’s movie premiere, “Wonka,” we’ve got quite a few ways for you to indulge while also walking in the footsteps of the chocolate master.

Featuring several iconic British locations as backdrops to bring the playful universe alive, Wonka tells the story of Willy Wonka’s early days as an eccentric chocolatier. Travelers heading to Britain can transport themselves into a real-life candy land by visiting the film’s locations and immersing themselves in these chocolate-themed experiences.

Visit “Wonka” Film Locations

Bath, Oxford and Lyme Regis are just a few iconic English facades used as backdrops for the film. Head over to Oxford’s Hertford College and the iconic Radcliffe Camera, a working library of the University of Oxford, for a glimpse into the Wonka-verse. Get the inside scoop on a guided tour of the Radcliffe Camera. The nearby Catte Street and Sheldonian Theatre mark other locations in the city used in the film. Explore the theater on one’s own or join a guided tour to enjoy the best indoor 360-degree panoramic views of the city from the Cupola.

Venture down to Bath in the southwest for a view of the Parade Gardens, The Colonnade overlooking Pulteney Bridge and the weir below it. Soak in the wacky Wonka atmosphere with a walk along Bath Street, glancing at the many listed buildings while passing one of Bath’s major attractions, the Thermae Bath Spa. Or head over to Bath Abbey and the floral roundabout Orange Grove in front of it, both featured in the film.

Other filming locations include the Cobb, a breakwater harbor wall in Lyme Regis, The pub Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, Veralumium Park and Abbey Mill Lane in St Albans, north of London and the Rivoli Ballroom and Eltham Palace in Southeast London.

Indulge in Britain’s Sweetest Experiences

  • Charbonnel et Walker – London, England

Don’t miss London’s oldest chocolate shop, Charbonnel et Walker, which opened in 1875 and has various locations across the city. However, the original location at Old Bond Street at the Royal Arcade is one not to miss. This chocolatier was endorsed by a Royal Warrant as one of the few chocolatiers to Her Majesty The Queen. Additional shops are in Canary Wharf, Leeds, and Harrods.

This shop creates its own tasty treats from cocoa beans sourced from South America. This chocolatier offers a variety of sweets to choose from ranging from salted caramels to booze-induced truffles and even options for guests on special diets such as sugar-free bars, chocolate made from buffalo milk, and vegan specialties including Colombian dark hot chocolate, a chili dark bar, and chocolate made from oat milk.

  • Dark Sugars London, England 

On a cold day, travelers can make a stop to indulge in a warm cup of hot chocolate at Dark Sugars. Though hot chocolate is what they’re most known for, they also specialize in chocolate creations including dark chocolate with popping candy, dark chocolate ganache, and white chocolate nutmeg truffles. Dark Sugars is located on Brick Lane, with a flagship Cacao House and a Dark Sugars ice cream shop in Greenwich.

At Harrods, travelers can find an array of chocolate treats ranging from chocolate-covered fruit and nuts plus an array of hand-finished truffles, as well as the signature Harrods Gold Bar, which has been a fan favorite for more than 20 years. Opening soon is the in-house The Chocolaterie, where chefs make everything from bonbons and chocolate bars to chocolate-dipped fruit that guests can sample and view the behind-the-scenes work of chocolate-making.

Enter a bold new world at London’s only Bean to Bar Factory Experience. Delve into the art of chocolate-making as you follow the journey of cocoa beans from their raw form to delectable chocolate bars. During a hands-on guided tour, you’ll gain an appreciation for the craftsmanship and flavours that go into creating high-quality chocolate.

Opposite the remarkable Windsor Castle sits one of the smallest chocolate factories in the world. Dr Chocs is known for its wide variety of high-quality chocolates—from classics like milk chocolate and salted caramel to innovative wonders like lavender. Book a tasting class to savor all their varieties or learn how to make chocolate yourself.

The Chocolate Factory Experience in Manchester is a paradise for chocolate lovers. From tastings to interactive workshops, this experience offers a hands-on journey into the art of chocolate-making while discovering the secrets behind crafting gourmet chocolates.

Step into the scrumptious world of chocolate and sweets at Cadbury World in Bournville on the outskirts of Birmingham. Create your very own bespoke chocolate and embark on a journey through the heritage of chocolate-making including interactive exhibits and mouth-watering tastings. Cadbury is also getting ready for a year of celebrations as 2024 marks the 200th anniversary of the opening of the very first Cadbury shop.

Learn about the history of York’s chocolate-makers and their indulgent creations during one of their immersive guided tours, exploring three stores full of sweet delights. Discover their best-kept secrets of chocolate making and become a master chocolatier yourself.

Inspired by her mum, Amelia Pott opened the doors of her first Chocolate House in Bath in 2017. Since then, two more stores have opened in Bristol and Cardiff. Join the 2-hour Chocolate Bar Workshop in the Bath branch for the full Mrs. Potts experience. Make and decorate your very own Mrs. Potts chocolate bars, making the perfect souvenir from a trip to Bath.

  • Knoops – Bath, Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford, London, Chester, Manchester, St Albans, Rye

Opening his first hot chocolate shop in Rye in 2013, Jens Knoop, the founder of Knoops, developed his love for chocolate during his childhood in rural Germany. Since then, he has perfected his range of chocolate flakes, found other chocolate lovers and opened several shops all over the country. To celebrate the release of the film, Knoops has created a special Wonka drink—a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, chocolate coated popping candy and a chocolate plaque.

Get your hands sticky and learn the art of fudge making with an expert at Fudge Kitchen and find out what makes their fudge stand out from the competition.

The Chocolatarium’s hands-on chocolate-making adventure is perfect experience for all chocolate lovers. Craft your own personalized Scottish-themed chocolates, and then venture to the tasting room to indulge in an array of chocolate delights from both Scottish and global chocolatiers. Explore unique flavors like haggis chocolate, chili chocolate, gin chocolate, and more, creating a one-of-a-kind souvenir to remember your experience.

When in Glasgow, head to the Clydeside Distillery for an unforgettable whisky tasting experience with a sweet touch. Opened in 2017, the distillery brought distilling back into the heart of Glasgow, as the first dedicated single malt distillery in over 100 years. Enticing all senses during their Chocolate and Whisky Tour, their five Single Malt Whiskies are expertly paired with artisan chocolates handcrafted by Sugarsnap, a local chocolatier. 

Discover Halen Mon’s renowned sea salt with a guided 45-minute tour, followed by a delectable salt tasting; indulge in their signature sea salted fudge and chocolate bars, cherished by royalty such as William and Kate, distinguished figures like Barack Obama, and featured at royal weddings.

Indulge in artisanal chocolates at this chocolatier, located in Rhondda Heritage Park mining museum, offering workshops like Christmas Chocolate Workshops and Adults’ Only Chocolate Workshops; plus, there’s a Chocolate Birthday Party Option. Explore a tempting array of treats, including shortbread cookies, hot chocolate bombs and luxury handmade chocolates.