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Both newly minted travel advisors and those with plenty of experience under their belts will benefit from the new Travel Edge Network program, Venturedesigned to benefit your bottom line. This tiered program offers next-level technology that was created to “remove inefficiency and increase effectiveness, extensive training and access to exclusive partnerships for travel advisors in the luxury/premium space,” according to the press statement.

“There is a tremendous opportunity to support travel advisors at different stages of their careers from those who may be new to the industry or those who have some experience but are looking to take that passion to the next level but need and want the tools and resources to grow their business,” said Nadiya Makarenko, s.v.p. of Travel Edge Network, in a press statement. “Travel Edge has always been committed to supporting advisors at all levels, but it is even timelier today with an overall industry shortage at a time when travel is booming and more people are turning to travel professionals than ever before. As industry leaders, we believe it is incumbent upon us to attract fresh talent to the industry and provide them with comprehensive training and education to be successful.” 

Travel Edge Network’s Two Tiers

The program offers two tiers, Venture and Venture+. The first is for the new advisors who want to become part of the elite travel professional community, including those who have a small business and want to expand their current client base. This segment offers them access to the Agent Digital Experience, or ADX, Travel Edge Network’s user-friendly booking platform, as well as the opportunity to engage in supplier webinars and boot camps. Venture+, meanwhile, is a training program with tools, mentoring opportunities and enhanced sales, customer service, marketing and specialist certifications in cruise, air, hotel and destination sales. It also has an option for an intensive 90-day mentorship program to help expedite training.

All Travel Edge Network Advisors can attend the company’s Limitless conference, which offers sessions and workshops with hundreds of supplier partners across all verticals; plus, they’ll have access to the luxury host travel agency’s 24/7 client-facing team that offers support to clients when they’re traveling.

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