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Travel insurance company Allianz has launched a new website to help travel advisors book coverage for their clients.

Allianz Partners USA announced Sept. 19 the launch of, which the company billed as “a consistent, consolidated ecosystem for new and existing advisors, inclusive of materials and training, [that] provides self-service options to find answers to questions and read about products, technology partnerships, and events.”

In addition to information on travel insurance products and booking engines like AgentMax, QuoteMax and MaxMail, the AllianzAdvantage website features a series of real-world stories about travel advisors successfully protecting their clients with Allianz insurance policies.

“The new offers one-stop access to these tools and serves as the gateway to our Sherpa destinations guide, our new travel advisor handbook and the latest marketing resources for travel advisors,” said Richard Aquino, v.p. and head of sales at Allianz Partners USA, in a press release statement. “Having all of these resources under one roof will allow our partners to effectively and efficiently offer travel insurance for the benefit of both their valued clients and their business.”

In addition to success stories, the website’s media center includes news and updates about Allianz products, information on industry events and webinars, and blog posts, articles and audio/video resources for use by advisors.

An online help center provides instructions on accessing the AgentMax Online platform, QuoteMax and MaxMail, a digital brochure tool, destination information provided by Sherpa, and information and downloads of the TravelSmart mobile app.

Allianz is Committed to Travel Advisors

Also available are training through Allianz’s Travel Agent Academy and Advisor Handbook, and advisor-specific marketing resources like banners and written materials for use on social media and websites.

Travel advisors new to Allianz products can sign up to sell insurance products via the site’s Become a Partner tool.