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Did you know that by 2024, wellness tourism will be a $1 trillion market? This travel segment has been on the rise for the last decade, with the Global Wellness Institute predicting a 21 percent annual growth rate. Travelers are seeking out soul-enriching vacations, plant-based food, challenging physical activities and spa time, with some looking to incorporate already-established wellness habits into their travel itineraries and others looking for a travel itinerary that helps them refocus on their health.

In other words, wellness travel is no longer just booking your client a day at the spa. But with so many possibilities—from nature-based options to more personalized and intention-based programs, from full body cleanses and digital detoxes to farm-to-table culinary experiences to sleep better retreats and other purposeful travel options—how do you wrap your mind around this fast growing segment of tourism?

One way is to take the Wellness Travel Specialist course, now in its second iteration. Released by The Travel Institute and Wellness Tourism Association, the 2nd Edition Wellness Travel Specialist course provides specific, implementable business advice and tools including strategic business planning, brand development, and sales lead generation along with practical information on wellness travel terminology, current trends, buyer profiles and a wide range of wellness travel products. Students also benefit with tips from senior wellness travel advisors, insight from industry suppliers and best-practice training content and tools, all delivered utilizing The Travel Institute’s interactive e-learning platform.

Course co-author Anne Dimon, president and chief executive officer of the Wellness Tourism Association (WTA), says in a press release statement: “The agent role is critical in ensuring success for the wellness-minded traveler. Certainly, there are countless options for wellness travel and many aspects driving market demand, however, the wellness travel market’s ultimate success hinges on travelers connecting with knowledgeable agents who can take a traveler’s vision and find the right-fit wellness solution they hope for.”

The course incorporates the results of the WTA’s 2022 Wellness Travel Consumer Survey, a 3-month online survey of nearly 1,500 consumers resulting in updated statistics on demographics; top wellness travel goals, intentions and motivations; and top wellness travel “must haves.” New insights from WTA members and other industry leaders are also included in the new edition.

Says wellness travel advisor Celene Lucas, CTA: “The curriculum for the Wellness Travel Specialist course is in-depth and extensive, giving me the tools I need to differentiate myself as a true Wellness Travel Specialist in a fast-growing, global market.”

Become a Wellness Tourism Specialist

Students who successfully complete the Wellness Travel Specialist course, pass their online exam and submit the experiential checklist earn standing as a Certified Wellness Travel Specialist and, as applicable, continuing education units, or CEUs, toward maintaining certification from The Travel Institute. Travel agents who complete the course are also eligible for a discount on WTA membership and the opportunity to be promoted to consumers via, a WTA media partner. The new Wellness Travel Specialist course is also available, as usual, at no additional charge for The Travel Institute’s Premium Access subscription members.

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