3 Trends in Bicycling Vacations

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VBT Bicycling Vacations, the active vacations tour company, has identified three travel trends for 2020 based on its bookings over the past year.

3. E-bikes Soar in Popularity

E-bikes provide a boost to bicycling tours.

E-bikes have become a game-changer for cyclists of all abilities, fitness levels and ages. They provide travelers with an added boost whenever they want or need it, whether they are riding uphill, extending their range at the end of a long day, or keeping up with riding partners of different abilities. Over the past year, VBT saw a 55 percent increase in guests selecting e-bikes for their tour, with 22 percent of men and 32 percent of women choosing this mode of transport. VBT offers complimentary e-bikes on more than 50 itineraries worldwide.

2. All-Women Bicycle Tours

All-women tours are on the rise.

VBT has reported an almost 100 percent increase year-over-year in all-women groups traveling together. The data reflects a trend found throughout the whole industry of women preferring the camaraderie of an all-female group trip based on the sense of empowerment, connection and the freedom to experience new things. VBT offers itineraries in destinations such as Scandinavia, Croatia, Spain, Italy and more, offering opportunities to explore cultural history, learn about local customs and dine on the freshest cuisine.

1. Multi-Generational Travel Still on the Rise

Multi-generational travel sees an increase

The multi-generational travel trend continues to grow, as VBT saw an 8 percent increase in boomers traveling with their families over the past year. The company expects the trend to continue into 2020 as mature travelers remain healthier and fitter, more adventurous and keen on staying active. Top itineraries for grandparents taking bicycle tours with their children and grandchildren included the Dalmatian Islands, Puglia and Southern Tuscany in Italy; Denmark and Sweden in Scandinavia; and Galway and the Connemara Coast in Ireland.

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