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Palladium Hotel Group has made significant strides in enhancing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts through its comprehensive program, “Palladium Cares.” Over the past year, the initiative has seen substantial growth and development across Europe, Mexico and Jamaica, focusing on three strategic verticals: “Our People,” “Our Community” and “Our Planet.”

Educational and Professional Development Initiatives
Palladium Cares has forged a new partnership with the Origen Foundation to launch a professional educational and family support center in Mexico. This center is set to offer 12 diverse courses aimed at enhancing professional skills and covering vital areas such as health, emotional management and responsibility.

Gloria Juste, the CSR Senior Director at Palladium Hotel Group, emphasized the center’s role in aiding the personal and professional growth of the hotel’s employees and their families, as well as extending these opportunities to the broader community.

In Brazil, the success of the Agricultural Training and Production Center, established last year, continues to grow. Operating at full capacity, the center is expanding its production areas and plans to extend its reach to additional territories, further supporting agricultural education and sustainability.

The collaboration with Hanover City Council and the HEART/NSTA Trust in Jamaica remains strong, with several training centers focusing on hospitality education. To date, 90 students have enrolled, and 12 have moved on to internships at the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa. The initiative aims to support up to 600 individuals annually, enhancing their employment prospects in the hospitality sector.

Palladium Focuses on Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

Meanwhile, in Europe, “Palladium Cares” has extended its commitment to environmental conservation through the “4 Causes to Take Action” initiative. This year, the focus was on the planet, with 180 volunteers participating in various activities, including urban gardening, reforestation, beach clean-ups and environmental workshops. These efforts were in collaboration with notable NGOs like the Red Cross and Fundación Monte Madrid, contributing a total of 727 volunteer hours.

Juste noted the dual benefits of these activities, highlighting both the environmental impact and the development of practical skills among participants. The Group’s commitment to energy efficiency is evident as 72 percent of its global hotel energy consumption is sourced from renewable energies, with 100 percent in Europe, Mexico, and Brazil.

Future Directions and Ongoing Impact
As “Palladium Cares” moves forward, the next focus will be on caring for the elderly, continuing the cycle of quarterly phases aimed at addressing pressing social issues. The completion of the first cycle in June will mark a significant milestone, reflecting the ongoing dedication of Palladium Hotel Group’s staff and its collaborative efforts with local NGOs.

The “Palladium Cares” initiative underscores Palladium Hotel Group’s commitment to making a tangible impact on the communities it serves, fostering a sustainable future, and supporting the holistic development of its employees and their families.

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