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At $172,545 per person, Go2Africa’s new ultimate safari tour will clock in at over half a million dollars for a family of four—but this excursion is being touted as “the most extensive experience of Africa” and ticks off just about every luxury box your client can possibly imagine.

“The Ultimate African Safari is a one-of-a-kind itinerary that we’ve spent years perfecting. Every activity, location and accommodation has been hand-selected by our team of local experts with decades of on-the-ground experience, said Lee-Anne Kock, head of product at Go2Africa, in a press statement. “The itinerary focuses on private and exclusive travel where we’ve crafted curated experiences that are unique to each destination. Guests won’t just see Africa, but experience the heart of its culture as they visit each location and become involved in the community projects that make the continent so vibrant and welcoming.”

Go2Africa’s Ultimate Africa

Alfajiri Cliff Villa on the Indian Ocean.

This is beyond a simple excursion: think hot air balloon rides, gorilla trekking, safaris and more, with stays at five-star resorts that span from beachfront villas to wellness retreats to riverside treetop villas and tented safari camps. Not only that, but your clients will receive personalized leather safari luggage and there’s the option for a film crew to follow them around and document this unique experience.

To curate the world’s most expensive safari, the folks at Go2Africa analyzed over 134,000 inquiries to their website to find the most popular locations for safari lovers (Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa and the most popular attractions (Big 5, Victoria Falls, meeting locals, Cape Town and gorilla trekking). 

Keeping all this in mind, they created an itinerary that spans six countries over 24 days and costs $172,545 per person. Not only does it include all of the above, but 

With this in mind, they have curated the world’s most expensive safari, visiting six countries over an action-packed 24 days and costing $172,545 per person. Over the course of these three weeks, your clients will see the best of Southern and East Africa, traveling via private charter flights. Locations include Kenya, Victoria Falls, Cape Town, Volcanoes National Park, Serengeti and the white sands of the Seychelles.

Suite at the Future Found Sanctuary in Cape Town.

This is a no-holds-barred vacation, with everything reserved exclusively for your client’s traveling pleasure, from a private island stay in the Seychelles to a photo safari, a hot air balloon ride, night game drives, the aforementioned gorilla trekking and a day trip on a private yacht. They will follow in the footsteps of celebrities like Meryl Streep, Charlize Theron and Jessica Biel and be treated like a star. The trip also includes visits to positive impact projects like the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Alfajiri Foundation and Maunga Village Primary School, as well as contributing to the conservation of each park. Go2Africa will also fully offset the carbon footprint of the trip.

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