Explora Journeys Launches Co-Branded Website

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Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys wants your branding to be front and center when selling the cruise brand. The cruise brand—a luxury lifestyle brand of the MSC Group—just launched a co-branded website to support travel advisors’ ongoing sales and marketing efforts.

“This is the sales tool that every travel advisor wishes they had,” said Chris Austin, chief sales officer of Explora Journeys, in a press release statement. “Now advisors can use our website to share specific holiday options with their clients and get indications of interest so they can immediately follow up. And just as important: it’s intuitive to use and keeps the advisors’ branding front and center.”

With this new service, travel advisors can engage and inspire clients by sharing links to any journeys, destinations or experiences on the Explora Journeys website. As they browse, clients remain in the advisor’s branded environment, where they can access trip details and real-time pricing. Further, calls to action drive leads directly to the travel advisor. The co-branded website is powered by technology from Approach Guides, a content optimization platform.

Wrap Your Branding Around Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys is leading the way in putting travel advisors first and giving them the technology they need to build their businesses,” said Jennifer Raezer, co-founder and CMO of Approach Guides, in a press release statement. “Advisors are going to love how the website not only helps them boost sales, but also raises the level of service for their luxury clients.”

The service is available immediately and getting started is easy: no registration forms, no passwords to remember, no waiting for approval—advisors simply enter an email address.

Advisors can get their personalized websites by going to the inspires.to/explora-journeys/experiences.