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So you say your life as a busy professional has put a cramp in your travel schedule? Afraid your desk will be buried under piles of pending projects if you dare leave the office? With studies showing that people who take vacation breaks are happier, healthier and more motivated on the job, the small-ship cruise line Azamara’s new concept couldn’t have come at a better time.

Creaters of Destination Immersion programs and Extended Destination Days (10 or more hours in port), Azamara has now launched ‘Work & Wander’, a program designed for business professionals looking to combine work with exploration. With Starlink’s high-speed internet, office equipment, and dedicated IT support, guests will have everything they need to work onboard, and Extended Destination Days, including late nights and overnights, that allow ample time to roam the world.

Featured Work & Wander cruises include a 17-night Australia/New Zealand voyage.

“We are excited to introduce our ‘Work & Wander’ package, giving professionals the opportunity to take their work with them as they set sail,” said Carol Cabezas, president of Azamara, in a media statement. “Our guests already consider our ships to be a home away from home, and now our ships can be their floating office too, as we bring them to some of the most captivating destinations around the world.”

New Package Keeps Remote Workers Connected to Their Jobs AND the Sea

With this package including Starlink high-speed internet and access to office equipment such as monitors, mice, keyboards, and adapters, guests can stay connected with colleagues, attend virtual meetings, and maintain their professional commitments at sea. Azamara’s Guest Relations Desk is just a visit away to assist with everything from printing needs to technical questions, ensuring a smooth remote work experience.

Azamara also offers Extended Destination Days with 10 or more hours in port, allowing guests to balance work and immersive travel experiences, whether you are exploring the natural attractions of Madeira, Portugal or enjoying a night at the Opera House in Sydney, Australia. Like-minded professionals can connect with each other through exclusive gatherings, fostering invaluable networking opportunities.

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