Wide-open stretches of white-sand beaches. The gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico. The joy of being with loved ones on vacation. We could all use positive feelings these days, and The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel gives your clients the right place at just the right pace to find them.

On secluded islands up and down our coast, your clients will find enough space to get away and get comfortable. Each island has its own charming ways, but almost all lend themselves to the legendary local pastime—collecting seashells. On tranquil waterways, activities like fishing, kayaking and paddleboarding through mangrove forests are perfect for visitors of all ages. But nature goes beyond the shore here.

Steer your clients to the elevated boardwalks and serene preserves on Sanibel Island like J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge. Animals like wading birds and turtles patrol the tidepools and welcome onlookers from the 3-mile drivable loop. And when they’re ready for a change of scenery, the walkable downtown River District’s restaurants and historic attractions will more than satisfy.

When your clients are ready, start planning at FortMyers-Sanibel.com/Travel-Trade.