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Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort, presents its Summer 2021 Collection of Emotions, marking the return of its seasonal curation of guest experiences. This year’s collection will feature five experiences that were designed in celebration of art and imagination, curiosity and creativity, enchantment and fantasy, and strength in self-discovery. From Pride Month celebrations to unique cocktail creations at La Botica, Las Ventanas’ Summer 2021 Collection of Emotions immerses travelers in Los Cabos through a journey of exploration, in connection with the local culture.

“We are so excited to present our Summer 2021 Collection of Emotions to our guests, continuing our tradition of offering the most unique experiences in celebration of our culture and community in Los Cabos,” said Frederic Vidal, managing director of Las Ventanas al Paraiso, in a press statement. “As the world continues to change, our commitment to sharing the bountiful culture and beauty of the Baja region with our guests remains strong as ever.”

Las Ventanas al Paraiso’s Summer 2021 Collection of experiences include:

  •       Celebrate Pride Month: Each June, people come together in support of the LGBTQ community. This year, Las Ventanas honors the special occasion with 25 one-of-a-kind, custom tequila bottles to celebrate and support the LGBTQ community. Hand-crafted by the resort’s own Huichol artist, an expert in traditional Mexican folk art, each bottle is embellished piece by piece with a rainbow, the universal symbol of pride.
  •       The Perfect Dinner: “The Perfect Dinner” is back. During this special dining experience for families, the roles are reversed with the children in the kitchen. Las Ventanas’ younger guests are invited to dream up the perfect dinner for their parents and join the chefs in the kitchen. With the help of Las Ventanas al Paraiso’s culinary team, children are given the chef’s apron to deliver the perfect date night to their parents, from selecting the menu and accompanying music to helping prepare and serve dinner in the resort’s Herb Garden.
  •        A Proustian Moment at La Botica: Find the hidden door and enter the world of La Botica, for an unexpected sensory journey. Guests of the speakeasy will be transported to the 1920s and welcomed with a bountiful book of questions designed to take a deep dive into their personality, preferences, and their memories. Guests will then be immersed in the creative process undertaken by the bar’s expert mixologist, Daniel Tormo, who will develop a cocktail made uniquely for the guest. Travelers can then try their own personalized libation or peruse the pages of the book’s past to find inspiration from another traveler to Los Cabos.
  •        Sterling More Than Magic Show: Once per week, Las Ventanas al Paraiso invites guests for an evening at La Botica with Sterling’s More than Magic entertainment spectacle. In the speakeasy’s intimate setting, guests are treated to a magical experience.  Bringing his talents to Las Ventanas, Sterling will entertain guests through music, dance, storytelling and grand illusion through a magic show.
  •       Beach Wellness Experience: This summer, guests of Las Ventanas al Paraiso will have the chance to take their physical and mental wellbeing to the next level with the resort’s holistic beach wellness program. Beginning with a Beachside Boot Camp led by Modu Seye, owner of Moduvated, the premier health and lifestyle company in Los Cabos, fitness-lovers will take in the resort’s sunrise over the ocean while sweating through plyometric, cardio and core-building workouts. Following the bootcamp, a sound therapy session on the beach reduces stress and improves focus, and a smoothie from the Bonberi at Las Ventanas plant-based pop-up boosts energy for the remainder of the day.

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