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Winter is here…in the form of a “Game of Thrones”-themed hotel making its home above the Arctic Circle. Fans of this hit HBO series can now head to Finland to sleep among frightful white walkers, dragons and direwolves at Lapland Hotels’ popular SnowVillage.

Located about 125 miles above the Arctic Circle, the SnowVillage, now in its 17th year, offers a world made from snow and ice, and this year, the entire hotel is GOT-themed. Visitors will find a life-sized iron throne with swords, a Braavosi Hall of Faces and a white walker with glowing blue eyes.

SnowVillages’ Braavosi Hall of Faces.

Here, guests can opt for a Snow Suite accommodation, which are each individually decorated with illuminated snow and ice art. Come nighttime, guests sleep in sleeping bags over a block of ice with images of “Game of Thrones” dancing in their heads.

The SnowVillage covers an area of 215,278 sq. ft.

Should visitors opt to have a drink at the bar where drinks are served in carved-ice glasses, they’ll come face-to-face with the dragon guarding the ice bar, and guests can dine on reindeer tartar and roasted Arctic char at the hotel’s Snow Restaurant.

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