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Since the start of her Eras Tour in March 2023, Taylor Swift has taken over the world. At the end of 2023, the singer embarked on her international tour, bringing her 10 different eras to fans across the world. This spring and summer, she will be stopping in Paris and London. Here are the best places for Swifties traveling around Europe to see their favorite singer.

Paris: May 9-12
Fans of the singer may know that Swift filmed her video for “Begin Again” released in 2012 in Paris. She described the video as a love letter to Paris as she visits a cafe and walks down the Parisian streets. Swifties who do not want their Taylor Swift-related events to start and end with their Eras Tour concert should visit the cafe La Palette where most of the “Begin Again” video takes place. Also, walk along the Pont des Arts bridge, which is also featured in the video.

Recreate the photos Swift took while in Paris in 2019 for her “City of Lover” concert. The singer snapped photos at the Quai de Conti, another location where she filmed her stunning “Begin Again” video.

London: June 21-23, Aug. 15-17 and 19-20
ToursByLocals has new and exclusive London Boy city tours influenced by Swift’s song “London Boy” on her 2019 album Lover. There are many different options for fans, including a 9-hour, nothing-but-Taylor London tour, a 3.5-hour tour inclusive of every spot within the London Boy song, and a tour more focused on the Lover era experience.

In Swift’s song “London Boy,” the American singer reveals her favorite spots all over the city, from Highgate to the West End. The song essentially lays out a tour for Swift’s fans traveling in London. Don’t miss “Camden Market in the afternoon” or “nights in Brixton” to get the full “London Boy” experience. Also stop by SoHo and Hackney, two other spots the singer loves.