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Prices on travel abroad aren’t going down anytime soon, but Avanti Destinations has some good tips that can help you save your clients some green on their European travels, including taking advantage of the current favorable exchange rates by booking early.

“For decades, many independent travelers have relied on finding last-minute deals on hotels and airfare,” said Paul Barry, CEO of Avanti Destinations, in a press statement. “But with pent-up demand pushing up prices, hotel rates today in London, for example, can be more than double what they were prior to the pandemic. Last-minute rates for airfare, as well as hotels, have increased dramatically due to limited supply. Demand is expected to rise substantially in 2023 as travelers from Asia and Australasia return to Europe and the UK. We encourage advisors to let their independent travel clients know that booking an international trip in advance can secure the best rates on hotels and other services that take advantage of today’s strong dollar.”

More Booking Strategies from Avanti Destinations

Another advantage of booking your clients’ vacations in advance is getting dibs on the most favorable accommodations for your clients’ needs, not to mention Avanti’s private guided tours, which are limited. This is especially useful when they’re looking to visit specific and very popular sites, like the Vatican, that also requires timed reservations.

Barry offers other promising booking strategies, such as encouraging clients to book in the off-season (October through March), when prices are lower, crowds are thinner and lines are shorter—and there’s no shortage of fun calendar items in major cities, including exhibitions, operas and concerts.

Visiting secondary cities instead of the usual suspects is also a good tip: “For clients who have been to London, Paris, Rome, Venice, try suggesting Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Cardiff in the UK. Or Lyon, Dijon, Marseille, Bordeaux in France. In Italy, explore Turin, Milan, Genoa, or Sicily,” added Barry in the press statement.

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